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A database is nothing but a home. A house with a loving care becomes a Home. Similarly, a set of objects becomes a Database with good care. A strong home is built on a solid foundation. A healthy Database must have a solid design. Well thought out interior design gives more functionality to any home. Well-planned parameters, objects  and performance tuning makes any Database more productive, efficient and reliable. Every home needs periodic cleaning and so does any database. We can clean home ourselves, but do we? Then why do you want to maintain database yourselves? Let us maintain them for you. We provide everything to build and maintain healthy databases. Any database needs maintenance no matter how small it is. It needs backup and performance tuning. The word Performance Tuning may sound very heavy for small scale databases but it is necessary. No matter how small the house is, a housekeeper keeps it clean and functional. So don't wait, give us a chance to keep your database clean and healthy.

What is a High Availability Database? The database in our brain is the best example of a High Availability Database. It never needs down time for maintenance. Normally, it does not get corrupted. So far, never heard that our brain memory has run out of space even during growth spurt!. Quite Fortunate! This is what we are born with. Unfortunately, computers are not born like us. We create them along with the databases. So it is our responsibility to take care of them. Maintain them, keep them available as much as possible. Unlike human memory, databases run out of space. We need to project the growth and arrange for the space.

What do you want us to do? Can't find what you need? Just ask us and will add it.
  • Database Design
    • Definitions of tables, columns and indices
    • Efficient storage organization
    • Memory size recommendations
    • Setting parameters as per application needs
  • Maintenance
    • Ensure space availability
    • Periodic Clean up
    • Performance Tuning
    • Time saving backups
    • Reliable recoveries with minimal or no data loss
  • High Availability technologies
    • Implement Real Application Cluster (RAC)
    • Set up Data Guard
    • Automated Storage Management (ASM)
  • Application to application data flow
    • Streams set up

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