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Integrating semiconductor data analysis tool is very crucial. They are directly involved in yield improvement. For Data Analysis, just data availability is not enough. It is necessary to have an appropriate tool that is calculating statistics, presenting the data and calculating yield. It is important to see whether the tool is being used to its fullest capability. Just installing it, is not enough. It is possible that the tool can give more after fine-tuned implementation and integration.

Each company has its own way of business practices and reporting styles. Most of the tools need to be fine tuned to fit in. Data analysis plays important role and cannot be ignored. Engineers are interested in focusing on data analysis to be more productive and not on choosing and implementing the data analysis tool. Customized reports help engineers pin point the problems faster. We guide our clients to choose right tool for their data analysis. We don't stop here, we implement and integrate them as well. Save those precious resources for real work and leave integration and maintenance on us.

There are several semiconductor data analysis tools available in the market for yield management. We integrate and maintain almost all of them. To integrate the tool effectively, one must know all the data types company has and wants to see in the tool. It is also important to know what the tools has to offer.

  • Tool Integration
    • Understand formats of PCM data, wafer probe data, packaged parts/Final test data
    • Write parsers for the data types where necessary
    • Install the tool- an involved procedure in case of client-server architecture
  • Data Management
    • Set up data flow using FTP scripts, staging directories
    • Filter out corrupt data files
    • Ensure the tool loads all the data correctly
    • Custom Report Generation
    • Generate periodic PCM, wafer probe, bin yield reports using custom scripts
    • Publish generated reports on the internal website.
  • Custom Training
    • Short courses for 1-2 hours
    • Full day workshops
  • Tool Upgrades
    • Apply patches
    • Test latest versions released by tool vendor and roll out
  • Custom Data load
    • Characterization data
    • Tester Correlation Data
    • Metrology data from fabs
  • Behind the tool database Maintenance
    • Like any other database


Download the presentation for more.


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