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Written by Aparna Joshi   

Let's see what are the wafermaps and binmaps. What is a difference?

How useful they are?

Parametric data is used to display wafermaps. Engineers can see distribution of parametric values over a wafer at a glance. So easy if that test is causing yield loss! The colors are assigned to different ranges of actual values. These wafermaps can be stacked based on the selected statistics such as mean, median, standard deviation etc.

Binning data is used for binmaps. Hence the name. What part of the wafer is affected by what bin is graphically shown in these binmaps. Colors are assigned to each bin. This can be a first quick filter to drill down yield loss.

According to me, these two are the best features for any yield data management tool. Very helpful to quick lot disposition.

Let's see how they are calculated and what if they are not displayed correctly.



Keep checking...

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