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Written by Aparna Joshi   

It is an important part of the semiconductor data. it gives you a quick yield report.

What's binning data? It is a sorting of failures into various categories. In other words, it's a detail summary of pass and fail result of a set of dice on the wafer or packages parts. In case of final test data, it is per lot. Wafer probe binning data can be summarized at lot and wafer level.

Where does it get collected? It is collected during the testing and logged at the end of the testing of lot and/or wafer. Record types HBR for Hardware bin Summary records and SBR for Software Bin Summary records are found in STDF files.

How do you use it?

For wafer sort data, generate binmaps of wafers using bin data. It will reveal which bin is dominating what part of the wafer. This can be helpful to do Signature Analysis to resolve any process issues. Further, correlating the parameters responsible for the highest failing bin with PCM parameters, engineers can figure out cause of yield loss.

For final test data, Plot a Pareto Chart using this data. Look at the failed bins and pin point the bin where part count is the highest.

In short, this data gives us a direction to drill down further to pin point yield loss issues.

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