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Written by Aparna Joshi   

Choosing the right tool for yield data analysis is critical. Specially, for a startup companies. The tool that will give all the necessary analysis and will cost less. Also, it should be implemented precisely as soon as possible. Check out our Integration Services why one needs to spend time on implementation of the tool.

Define data requirements,

  1. What data types do we have?
  2. What is a maximum data file size?
  3. How frequently data is coming in?
  4. Is there separate team to take care of data issues? for example IT
  5. Do we want to use historical data? If yes, how far back do we go?
Define analysis requirements,
  1. How many reports are we looking at?
  2. What statistical reports are generally used? for example, box plots
  3. Do we need to look at raw data in tables?
  4. Do we use only statistical summaries?
  5. Do we want automated reports?
Define cost consumption,
  1. How many engineers are going to access the tool?
  2. Is there user-based licensing and/or floating licensing?
  3. What are the hardware requirements server, storage etc.?
  4. Is installation procedure simple or does it need IT professional?
  5. What is a learning curve? Does it have self-explanatory GUI
  6. Can tool upload multiple files at a time?
  7. Is automated data loading possible?


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