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Written by Aparna Joshi   
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What is Yield?

Yield is a number which generally quantifies the success. If I put 10 hours of work and got a work done which is worth 8 hours. Then my work yield is 8/10 that is 80%. Or if I am a manufacture of pens. I started making 1000 pens. 50 broke while adding ink refills in them, 50 broke while moving the box of ready pens to quality check and finally, quality department threw 100 pens as they were not writing. At the end, I could sell only 800 pens. My production yield is 800/1000 that is 80%. How do I improve Yield? This is a very important task yet very difficult to accomplish. Actions contribute in keeping up good yield are,

  • Defining critical areas
  • Keeping and updating the ideal or golden data
  • Reporting collected data in a right form
  • Analyzing periodic reports
It is always beneficial to find the problem sooner. The manufacturing cost increases towards the final steps of production. General steps towards yield improvement can be as follows:
  • Collect data at every critical step of production cycle
  • Compare data with ideal data or expected values
  • Analyze the findings and pin point the possible causes of failures
  • Identify the most effective solution
  • Apply the solution to a controlled material
  • Collect the data and verify the results
  • Roll out the solution to production

Use of data analysis tools is very helpful in these situations. Choosing the right tool is very important. To capture all the aspects of manufacturing, integration of the tool is critical.

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