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  • Definitions of common terms   ( 4 Articles )

    Articles will discuss the terms involved in yield data analysis. For example, generic definition of Yield, semiconductor yield, reticles, wafers, lots, limits, lot genealogy etc. Articles explaining statistical terms such as Cp, Cpk, tukey test will also be listed in this category.

    Recommeded Reading is

    - A book Collaboratism by Andre van de Geijn

  • Data Types   ( 6 Articles )

    Articles will describe various data formats (STDF, ATDF etc.) and types in semiconductor yield data like PCM, wafer probe, final test etc...

  • Yield Data Analysis   ( 2 Articles )

    All the articles related to yield data analysis. There will be articles on the reports generated by analysis tools in yield enhancement like box plots, trends, correlation mats, bin pareto, wafer maps, binmaps etc...

  • Data Analysis Tools   ( 1 Article )

    Here, we will discuss everything about data analysis tools. Starting with how to define the needs, which tool fits in the best, how to implement, how to maintain. Also, the articles describing various yield data analysis tools.

  • Product Engineering   ( 1 Article )

    Artiicles in this category of Product Engineering will be discussing topics such as characterization, Adaptive testing, Tester correlation etc. If any users want to publish articles, they are welcome to send me the contents. Publishing them will be on my discretion.

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